Book Review: Sew It, Stuff It

One problem we’ve been having is trying to keep up with making baby quilts for all the pregnant women we know.  That’s where Sew It, Stuff It by Rob Merrett comes in.  Instead of tackling a full quilt for each newborn (and without resorting to prefab plastic gifts), why not make a little stuffed animal or doll?  This book is stuffed (see what we did there?) with inspiring ideas, projects and photographs.  Ponies, mermaids, elephants, pandas and puppies fill the pages of this book, with each project receiving three to five dedicated pages of instructions.  Paper patterns included in the back of the book are clearly labeled and easy to understand.  Abundant color photographs and drawings make it easy to understand each step of the project, which is especially important when the end result is a 3-dimensional shapes.  Projects range in difficulty from “I’ve never done this!” to “I want a real challenge,” although they aren’t labeled by ability–you’ll have to judge for yourself.  Because each project only takes a few square feet of fabric, it’s a great way to burn through your scrap and a good excuse to get bold with your choices.  If you have wee-ones on your gift list (or if you just love a good stuffed doll), this book will provide inspiration for many months of sewing!

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