Personal Challenge: Hexagon Quilt

We read recently (in one of the Material Obsession books) that the Lone Star quilt is the pinacle of a quilter’s career.  While we’ll never doubt the challenging nature of a Lone Star quilt, the challenge we’re  hoping to tackle is a hexagon quilt.  Traditionally hand pieced and often hand quilted, a hexagon quilt has not a single right angle and leaves very little room for error. 

It’s probably not going to happen this week…

What’s on your list of challenging projects to tackle one day?

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One Response to Personal Challenge: Hexagon Quilt

  1. elsa says:

    lovely quilts ~ I have about 800 hexagons done and NOT put together. They are wonderful to make and (if I may say so) a little addictive. They will be my challenge to put together. Don’t have a pattern for them, just want to do it willy~nilly.

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