Behind the Scenes: MLCQ

Behind the scenes, photograph via Tangerine Samurai

We love the little sneak peek that Daniela posted recently on her blog.  It’s always nice to see that behind the glossy professional photographs of gorgeous quilts hanging next to beautiful people in immaculate homes, there’s a home that looks just like ours.  Look at Daniela fussing with a quilt that hogs the whole floor!  We’ve definitely been there.  Daniela is the driving force behind Quilts for Quake Survivors.  Hop over to her blog to see more behind the scenes photos, and to participate in her book giveaway.

We’re wrapping up Log Cabin Quilt week on the cool cottons blog, but remember that your comments will still enter you into our book giveaway through March 31st.  We are so, so appreciative of the incredible response we’ve received this week, so keep up that commenting!

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6 Responses to Behind the Scenes: MLCQ

  1. Wow that’s a big one, love the behind the scenes look and it’s such a beautiful quilt.
    I have been meaning to say how I love the look of the new blog!!

  2. kelli says:

    That’s a big quilt! I had to clear out the garage to baste my last one.

  3. sequink says:

    Love that NW modern quilt!

  4. Ellen Ban says:

    Enjoyed reading more on Daniela’s blog. Such a great story!

  5. Laura says:

    I just discovered your blog! I like seeing the in progress pictures of your quilts.

  6. windzgirl says:

    That quilt looks super big! I wonder what the finished size is? Any ideas?

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