New Arrivals: 04.10.2011

Don’t worry, dears, the cool cottons blogger is back from jury duty and getting set for another week of blogging.  Seeing as it’s Monday and we missed last week, it’s definitely time to catch up on new arrivals.  The Moda print at left is actually a beautiful, neutral grey with bright pink trees, and is part of the Sherbet Pips line.  We haven’t gotten the rest of the line yet, but trust that we’ll let you know when we do!  Lots, lots more new prints after the jump. 

There are so many new arrivals this week that we’re certain to have another post about it later in the week.  Can’t wait to see what’s new?  Stop by the shop!

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3 Responses to New Arrivals: 04.10.2011

  1. mariadeathstar says:

    I must must must have a yard of each of the sherbet pips, okay?

  2. Mary T. says:

    ohhhhh I like these.

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