Japanese Fabric Favorites

Double gauze. Robots. Spaceships. Rainbow pandas. Yes, yes, yes.

This beautiful gray and lavender print has an enormous selvage-to-selvage repeat making it a perfect choice for a simple skirt.

We’ve been brainstorming the best ways to use this calendar fabric. Look at April: umbrellas! How true!

This might be the most amazing thing in the shop right now:

We arrived at the moon!

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6 Responses to Japanese Fabric Favorites

  1. Megan says:

    Cool Cottons has THE BEST selection of Japanese fabrics in Portland! Love love love your store.

  2. Rachel.db says:

    Oh goodness! Fairy tale panda bears, I HAVE to have some.

  3. Sau says:

    Oh my, I think a trip is in store for me this weekend, I must have the fabric in the last photo! Cool Cottons is definitely one of my favorite stores!

  4. anne w says:

    Oh my gosh I love the calendar fabric!!

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