Insider’s Guide to Summer in Portland

With all the gray weather and rainy days getting everyone down, you might feel like it’s too soon to make summer plans.  Not so!  It’s June 1st already, so we’re making a list of some of the things we’re excited to do this summer.

1. Movies in the Park

Walking down to Laurelhurst–  with blankets and picnic baskets in hand– to watch a movie in the grass is the definition of the best summer evenings here in Portland.  Portland Parks and Rec has the 2011 play list up already and it’s old favorites we love to re-watch and a few new releases we’ve been meaning to see.  Movies in the Park are always free and open to everyone.  Bring a few extra dollars for Sno-Cones, and a sweater for staying warm after dark.  Movies in the Park starts on June 26th with Despicable Me at Peninsula Park.

Ira Kelller Fountain via Portland Parks and Rec

2. Swimming in the Downtown Fountains.

Portland has so many beautiful public fountains, and on the hot-hot days we’ll be having in a few short weeks, dipping a toe or two into the cold fountain water is as good as it gets.  The city offers a free fountain walking tour map to help guide you to all of them, but if you’re only going to visit one, make it the Ira Keller Fountain in front of the Keller Auditorium.  That we can have such an incredible and enormous (it takes up an entire city block) public water feature in the heart of downtown is astonishing.  We can’t wait for those 95 degree days!

3. The Rose Festival!

You can’t make a list of things to do during the summer in Portland without including the Rose Festival.  Portland isn’t called the city of roses for nothing!  Unfortunately, a very cold spring has made the roses slow to bloom this year, but the festival won’t wait.  Now through June 19th, there’s a Rose event almost every day.  You can view the full calendar on the Rose Festival website, but we’re most excited about the Starlight Parade on Friday night and the Grand Floral Parade on Saturday, June 11th.

What are you favorite things to do in Portland in the summer?

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